Six Drivers Arrested For DUI, 11 Placed Out-of-Service During Surprise CMV ‘Safety Check’

Franklin County, GA – Another recent enforcement crackdown on commercial motor vehicles (CMV) along a Georgia interstate led to six driving under the influence (DUI) arrests and nearly a dozen drivers placed out-of-service (OOS).

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS), the State’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) Region 2 conducted a “safety check” last week at the Interstate 85 Northbound Weigh Station.


Officials said the enforcement effort was focused on impaired CMV drivers.

The check resulted in six drivers placed under arrest for DUI of either drugs or alcohol with a total of 11 drivers placed out of service, GaDPS said.

Officials did not identify those who were arrested.

Commenters on social media sounded off in response to the news.

Dan Iverson said, “That’s freaking scary as hell!”


“Look what the trucking industry has came down to… half dressed idiots in pajamas and flip flops… I’m ashamed to even admit I drive a truck because the general public assumes we all are this careless and unprofessional,” said Mike Medley.

“That explains why so many truckers drive like lunatics,” Mark Dee reacted.

Shannon Arden saw it as an issue of racial discrimination.

“Georgia, where if you are a person of color you don’t get to vote and the police target you so they can lock you in a cage and take your money,” she wrote.


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Georgia officials continue to ramp up enforcement on CMV drivers.

In another recent enforcement crackdown on truckers along I-16, more than 150 citations were issued and one driver was arrested for DUI.

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Comment (2)

  1. “Georgia, where if you are a person of color you don’t get to vote and the police target you so they can lock you in a cage and take your money,” she wrote.

    why dont you get to vote? did cnn and the other fraud networks tell you that? you have every right afforded everyone else in this country.

    tell us how you are being targeted for a jail cell and taking your money.

    you know some folks say those who always talk racism are the biggest racists of all. if georgia is targeting you perhaps you might move somewhere else. like saudi arabia or iraq.

  2. This isn’t a racial issue. People need to stop trying to turn this into one. This is a safety issue! If a CMV steering wheel holder gets caught while driving under the influence, of anything illegal, they should lose their license for life, no exceptions! We are too soft and too tolerant of idiots who lack common sense and respect for others, including the privilege of being a CMV driver. Make it hurt!!!


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