Sleeping In Seattle: Truck Driver Crashes After Dozing Off

Seattle, Washington – A semi driver fell asleep before crashing along I-5 in Seattle on Saturday morning causing hours of delays for motorists.

Trooper Rick Johnson with Washington State Patrol said the semi-truck, which was hauling doubles, was traveling northbound when the driver dozed off, lost control, and crashed through the center divider on I-5 near Andover Street.

One of the trailers came to rest on its side in the northbound lanes, while the cab and other trailer crashed into a light pole and ended up in the southbound lanes.


Investigators said the driver, whose identity was not immediately released, was able to successfully exit the truck and only suffered minor injuries.

The accident blocked lanes of I-5 in both directions just south of the West Seattle Bridge, causing backups to stretch more than two miles.

Washington State Patrol said they are investigating if the driver was in violation of hours of service regulations at the time of the crash and why he was fatigued.

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