Small Trucking Company Makes Big Gesture to Honor Local Law Enforcement

Marshall, TX – A Texas trucking company treated more than 100 local law enforcement officers to lunch this week in an effort to honor them amid the “Defund the Police” movement.

Nash Trucking is a small carrier based in Marshall that specializes in servicing the oilfield and construction industries in the Lonestar State.


On Wednesday, all local law enforcement officials were invited to dine for lunch at the Cajun Tex restaurants in the cities of Marshall and Hallsville, and Nash agreed to pick up the tab.

Approximately 120 men and women were able to benefit from the trucking company’s generosity.

The company’s owner, Leslie Weir, told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the gesture was made not only to show appreciation to law enforcement, but also to honor the memory of her brother, Jon Michael Nash.

Jon Michael passed away in October of last year at the young age of 20.

He was an employee of Nash at the time of his death.


Since that time, Weir and the team at Nash has donated Jon Michael’s weekly salary — around $650 — to a cause in his memory.

“After [he passed away], I decided I had to do something to keep his memory alive,” Weir told TNN.

And it didn’t take long.

Weir began donating Jon Michael’s salary the week following his untimely death and has no plans to stop.

Jon Michael Nash | May 20, 1999 – October 29, 2019

Nash Trucking has donated to animal shelters, local families who have fallen on hard times, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital, just to name a few.

“Whenever we see something happen and we find people who need help, we always try to choose things that would be close to [Jon Michael’s] heart,” Weir stated.


She explained the idea to feed law enforcement came to her recently while she was at the lake with some friends.

How police were being treated in the country — especially in the midst of the “Defund the Police” movement — was a topic of conversation.


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A friend mentioned how they wished they could do something to show appreciation for law enforcement.

“That’s when he idea came to me,” said Weir.

“[My brother] wouldn’t have liked everything going on right now by any means,” she commented.

Shortly afterwards, Nash Trucking hosted a taco truck at the company’s headquarters, where law enforcement was served lunch.


It was such a hit, Weir said they wanted to do it again.

This time though, law enforcement was invited to dine-in at a restaurant.

Weir said she will continue to honor true American heroes — such as firefighters, doctors, nurses, and of course truckers — in her efforts to keep her brother’s memory alive.

“We just want to help and keep his name involved in everything he enjoyed,” she proudly declared.

Photos courtesy Nash Trucking and Cajun Tex



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