Social Media Chides Flatbed Trucker For ‘Absolutely Insane’ Load Securement Violation

Atlanta, GA – Commenters on social media are lambasting a flatbed trucker after the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) posted a photo revealing a dangerous load securement violation.


On Monday, GaDPS took to Facebook asking followers if they could “spot the violation?” in the picture below and it has created a bit of a stir.

Commenters quickly began chiming in.

“Not a single strap,” Wayne Jackson stated. “Absolutely Insane.”

“Probably using the new strapless straps,” Todd Moore wrote.

“Bluetooth straps… I’m wanting a set of those,” chided Alan Hearon.

“Bluetooth straps are not DOT approved yet?” questioned Alexandra Winand.


Andrew Rickman joked, “Invis-a-straps gets em every time!”

Brad Banks has a different theory.

“He must’ve put Velcro on the bottom of the pallets holding them on,” Banks wrote.

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Jokes aside, load securement is certainly an important issue to roadway safety and some respondents took a much more serious tone.

“Really sad!” said owner-operator Billy Cole.


William McKelvie argued it is not enough to simply cite the driver.

“His company needs to be shut down,” he stated.

Still others wondered if the load was also overweight.

“Straps is obvious but what about being overloaded???” Michael Christie asked.

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