Social Media Sounds Off After Georgia Officials Ask ‘Can You Spot The CMV Violation?’

Atlanta, GA — People quickly sounded off on social media today after Georgia law enforcement officials asked if they could spot a violation of federal regulations pertaining to the operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMV).

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) posted a photo to social media on Monday with the simple question, “Can you spot this week’s violation?”


The photo, which we have included below, shows the windshield and dashboard of a CMV.

In no time at all, commenters began replying.

“Easy one,” wrote Robert Bryant.

“4 wheeler merging in front of CMV too close,” guessed WT Barnes.

“Truck running in far right lane,” Tim Edmondson answered.


Kelli Bonine replied, “Visual display facing driver. Could cause a distraction.”

“Flagrant over use of USB cables,” joked Lee Smith.

However, many did correctly identify the violation which is a radar detector.

“Radar detector is a major [no-no]!!!” said JE Sharpton.

According to 49 CFR § 392.71, “No driver shall use a radar detector in a commercial motor vehicle, or operate a commercial motor vehicle that is equipped with or contains any radar detector.”


Another commenter, Bard Bradwell, offered this analysis and advice:

“It’s a cat and mouse game. Nothing wrong with trying to get the upper hand,” Bradwell said. “Besides, radar detectors really are not all that any longer. Apps like Waze, etc. are much better at giving real time updates.”


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