Social Unrest and Interstate Protests Are Possible as George Floyd Murder Trial Set to Begin

Minneapolis, MN – Social unrest and interstate protests are possible as the trial for the man charged in the death of George Floyd is slated to begin this week.

On Monday, jury selection was due to begin in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who is facing second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter charges in Floyd’s death.


However, the court postponed jury selection until at least tomorrow as it weighs an appeals court’s decision to reinstate a third-degree murder charge that Minnesota prosecutors previously dropped.

On Sunday, hundreds of protesters marched peacefully and silently through the streets of downtown Minneapolis in preparation for the court proceedings.

Local leaders are not assuming protestors will remain peaceful though and have taken precautions this time around.

More than $1 million has been spent on steal barricades and fencing to protect city property and police precincts should rioting and looting once again erupt throughout the Twin Cities.

The FBI and National Guard are also reportedly standing ready to assist local police in case of an outbreak of violence.


Floyd’s death in late May of last year sparked months of civil unrest in cities across America.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported on truckers coming under attack along major roadways in dozens of cities including: Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Albany, Orlando, and Los Angeles.

In addition, protesters took to scores of interstates, highways and bridges to disrupt the flow of traffic and commerce in pursuit of bringing attention to their cause and demands for “social justice.”


The Trump Administration’s Justice and Transportation Department’s did little to impede the proliferation of these interstate protests throughout last summer resulting in thousands of truckers being put in harm’s way.

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Many truckers and TNN members frequently expressed their anger and frustration over the issue on social media.

The problem became so dangerous and troublesome, in fact, that now more than 20 state legislatures are currently considering bills to increase penalties for protesters who engage in acts of interference on roadways, as well as to provide legal protections for drivers fleeing from such demonstrations.


While Chauvin’s trial is likely to take months, not weeks, to complete, it is prudent for all truckers and motorists to be extra vigilant in the coming days.

If there is one thing we learned from last summer’s events it is protests staged along major roadways can spring up quickly and circumstances can change rapidly.

Stay with for the latest developments should social unrest once again ignite.



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