Speeding Enforcement Crackdown is Happening Now in These 5 Southeastern States

Montgomery, AL – Five Southeastern states are cracking down on speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors this week in an enforcement blitz.

Fresh off of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver week, five Southeastern states are ramping up enforcement this week.


Operation Southern Shield (OSS) is a joint crackdown effort taking place now in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee.

This year’s OSS is the fourth time these states have conducted the enforcement operation on interstates and other major highways.

According to Lt. John Harmon of the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), dangerous driving behaviors increase in the summer time leading to more deadly crashes.

“Unfortunately during the summer months our fatality and injury rate goes up involving motor vehicle crashes. So we got together to bring awareness to help reduce those incidents,” Lt. Harmon said.


“The objective this week is not to write tickets but to show everyone that driving the speed limit and with your focus on the road saves lives,” Allen Poole, director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently commented about OSS.

“That is why Southern Shield has saved lives in its first three years. So many drivers were following the law because they knew state troopers and local law enforcement officers were on patrol,” he said.

Specifically, law enforcement will be looking for drivers traveling above the posted speed limit, operating while distracted and not wearing a seatbelt.

The enforcement effort begins today, Monday, July 20 and will conclude on Sunday, July 26.

Photo courtesy Georgia Department of Public Safety



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