Spokane Trucker Fed Up With Trucks Striking Bridges

Spokane, WA – A local trucker has seen enough of truckers getting ‘stuck’ under local bridges. Jason Boudreau, a local driving instructor, says he doesn’t understand how some truckers just don’t get it. He says the standard height of a semi-trailer is thirteen and a half feet, so when a driver sees a sign indicating clearance of only about 11 feet they should obey the posted warning. Spokane has quite a few bridges of this height and Boudreau says truckers driving through the city should be more vigilant. “We see it in Spokane, we see it all the time there’s a lot of streets downtown, they have warning signs, the bridge height, everything possible for the driver to see,” Boudreau said. “Just driver awareness, be alert, look up, pay attention.”

This continues to be a problem in Spokane. In fact, there have been about 100 collisions over the last decade involving low railroad bridges in Spokane. The city has begun installing height detection systems for vehicles to be alerted if they are in danger. A city spokesperson says they intend to deploy such systems in 10 locations around the city.

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