State Senator Introduces “No Speed Limit” Bill Because Big Rigs “Bother” Him

Sacramento, California – A California state senator introduced legislation last week to expand two highways in his district because he’s sick and tired of trying to pass semi-trucks.

California State Senator John M.W. Moorlach (R-37th Distict) gained national attention last week when he introduced Senate Bill 319. The new legislation would add two northbound and southbound “no posted speed limit” lanes to Interstate Route 5 and State Route 99 which connect Los Angeles to the Bay Area.

Courtesy: John M.W. Moorlach / Twitter

In a recent interview with, the senator explained his motivation for introducing the bill is in-part because of a “pet peeve” he has about truckers. He told the car-enthusiast news outlet,

“Right now, when you drive the 5 freeway in the Central Valley, one of my pet peeves is, I see a truck in the slow lane, and I’m ready to go around them. There are only two lanes on the 5. And when I’m ready to go around that truck, that truck proceeds to move over into the fast lane to pass another truck. And it takes five, ten minutes for that truck to pass another truck. I know it bothers me, I talk to a lot of others that it bothers.”


Moorlach said he believes allowing 4-wheelers the option of traveling at unlimited speeds would greatly help to solve his constituent’s frustration with trying to pass and avoid slower semi-trucks. He said to,

“We’re finding that it creates a certain amount of road rage as well, because then people start driving faster to get up to the next group of trucks.”

Further, Moorlach said he believes the two-lane Route 99 is rated as one of the most dangerous roads in California because of so much “massive cargo transportation” which travels along that stretch.

When questioned about the safety of having two autobahn-style lanes in the same direction beside two speed limited lanes, Moorlach said he didn’t see it as an issue.

“I would sense that everyone’s gonna be driving at a safe level because their goal is not to break the sound barrier, their goal is to get to the destination. They’re not gonna jeopardize their lives, or the lives of their passengers, in these proposed lanes.”

He said truckers would be expected to remain in the two slower lanes while 4-wheelers would have the freedom to zoom.

“That’s why we’re proposing to add the lanes, so you could go ahead and accommodate vehicles that would move at 80 mph average or higher. The semis would stay in the existing two lanes. We would have to see whether or not we could have some kind of restrictions.”

According to California law, a new bill must wait 30 days before it can be referred to a committee for a hearing. Moorlach said he hoped a “transportation committee” or an “environmental committee” would take it up.


However, he said the prospects don’t look promising and conceded he “misjudged” the reaction the proposed legislation would create. He commented,

“We’ll probably get it killed in the first committee meeting [laughs]. We’ll see if we can get it through. But at least we’re sparking a debate.”

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