Stay Aware of Areas Where Rioters Could be Targeting Big Rigs by Using This Online Tool

Little Rock, AR – As the country is in the midst of a second week of nationwide protests and riots, reports of big rigs and truckers being targeted by looters continue.

Truckers are on high alert after reading detailed accounts of tractor-trailers being raided in multiple cities by those seeking to exploit the ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd.


While the National Guard has been deployed to several of these cities, industry stakeholders continue to hold their breath as truckers brave these areas to deliver necessary goods and supplies around the country.

As one executive told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) over the weekend, it is “impossible” to know exactly what truckers will be faced with in the days and weeks to come.

“There is no way to know where hot spots are going to be,” said the executive, who did not wish to be identified. “You can’t prepare for something that you don’t know about.”

Local and state officials, as well as some private companies, offer online and mobile tools to alert motorists of factors such as traffic conditions and road closures.

However, some are now tracking potentially dangerous hot spot areas in real time.


TNN first saw one of these tracking websites when it was shared on the popular social media community U.S. Truck Drivers, Family & Friends.

“It’s an interactive map where they have protests and riots, etc. going and is updated,” admins of the group wrote, calling it “very helpful!”

To view the interactive “Hot Spot Tracker” map, click HERE.

By default, a live feed of descriptions in new areas will pop up, but you can click on the   icon to view where activity is currently being reported around the country.

The map includes data about road blockages, police officials, military deployment, new city curfews, arrests, reported arson, and more.


Experts tell TNN the best advice is to avoid these areas if at all possible and remain vigilant at all times.

We hope that by sharing this tool it will be helpful in contributing to your safety while over the road.



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