STICKY SITUATION… Semi’s Front Axle Breaks Leading To Load Of Honey Spilling

Lake County, Indiana – Things got very sticky on Wednesday morning after the front axle of semi-truck broke on I-80/94.

According to Indiana State Police (ISP), a trucker hauling 41,000 pounds of containers of “Amber Honey” lost control and overturned his rig after the front axle of his semi broke.

ISP said a semi’s front axle broke leading to quite a sticky situation as a load of honey spilled out and leaked onto the roadway. (Courtesy of ISP)

The semi-truck was coming onto eastbound I-80/94 from Calumet Avenue when the accident occurred.

Investigators said five of the thirteen containers of honey came out of the trailer and spilled out onto the roadway.


Four of the containers that came out then burst open and leaked onto the roadway causing quite a sticky mess of sweet nectar.

In addition, the truck also leaked an undetermined amount of diesel fuel.

The driver, whose name was not released, told authorities he had just fueled up minutes before the crash.

Fortunately, no one was injured including the driver, ISP said.

It did, however, take Indiana Department of Transportation emergency response crews a few hours to clean up the mess and reopen all lanes of traffic.




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