Stuck Under You… 2 More Bridge Bashing Accidents

Columbus, Ohio – Transportation Nation Network has been reporting on the surge in commercial trucks striking low-clearance bridges, we often refer to this as “bridge bashing.” Officials in Michigan, Washington, New Jersey and other states have recently expressed exasperation with the damage being done to bridges and infrastructure from these accidents. It happened again today, this time in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Police say a semi-truck driver mistakenly turned onto a bike path and struck two overhead bridges. The truck driver, who Columbus police say was not familiar with the area, was attempting to find a ramp to 315 North when he turned onto the bike path north of Spring St. and parallel to the highway.

Photos from the accident show significant damage to the top of the semi and trailer. Officials were dispatched to assess the damage to the bridges.



A similar incident took place on Monday in West Jordan, Utah.  A truck stuck underneath Old Bingham Highway on southbound Bangerter Highway was extricated after almost two hours of causing traffic delays in West Jordan Monday morning, according to

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The driver saw the truck’s load was too tall to fit under the highway, so he stopped right in front of the overpass near 8600 South, according to the Utah Department of Transportation. Crews let out the air from the truck’s tires and moved the load under the highway to a nearby road construction site.


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