Surge in Big Rig Human Smuggling Attempts Result in Arrests of 175 People

Laredo, TX – Multiple truck drivers and scores of illegal migrants were arrested in separate big rig human smuggling busts last weekend.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), agents with the Laredo Sector apprehended three truck drivers, all U.S. citizens, in separate human smuggling busts over just a 72-hour period.


CBP reported that from January 23 through January 25, human smugglers using tractor-trailers were caught at multiple checkpoints.

While CBP did not disclose the exact times and locations of the interdictions, the Agency did reveal it arrested 172 illegal migrants in the incidents.

Those arrested were reportedly from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Each person was medically screened and provided PPE, as most of the individuals were not wearing any, CBP said.


The Agency credited the “vigilance of agents” along with Service K-9s for the foiled attempts.

Further, authorities seized the tractors and trailers pending further investigation.

The identities of the truck drivers were not disclosed.

Last fall, CBP informed that they had seen a surge in big rig human smuggling attempts during the COVID-19 pandemic and revealed why.

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