Surprise CMV Inspection Blitz Stirs Questions But Nets 43 Driver Violations and DUI Arrest

Carroll County, GA – A surprise commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspection blitz conducted this week sidelined numerous truck drivers and led to one arrest for driving under the influence (DUI).

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS), in conjunction with the state’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) Region 3, held a “safety check” at the Carroll County Weigh Station along westbound Interstate 20 on Thursday evening.


GaDPS said officers inspected a total of 26 CMVs during the enforcement operation.

Two vehicle violations were found and officials placed two CMVs out-of-service (OOS).

However, GaDPS reported a total of 43 driver violations were discovered leading to two drivers being placed OOS.

Additionally, one CMV operator was placed under arrest for DUI of narcotics.

GaDPS did not identify the driver who was arrested or disclose the type of narcotics suspected.


However, a picture released by GaDPS reveals more than a dozen bottles of liquor, including brands such as Jim Bean, Jack Daniels and Crown Royal, were seized during the enforcement effort.

Additionally, a holstered handgun is also in the photo as part of the items that were confiscated in the blitz.

Given the fact GaDPS did not report any weapons offenses, it led some commenters on social media to question why the gun was seized.

GaDPS has not disclosed any further information at this time.

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