Surprise Inspection Blitz Sidelines Almost Every Commercial Vehicle Stopped

Calgary, AB — A surprise inspection blitz conducted in partnership with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) in Canada earlier this month resulted in nearly every commercial motor vehicle (CMV) stopped being placed out-of-service (OOS).

According to Calgary Police Service (CPS), CMV inspectors conducted an enforcement operation on Wednesday, January 12, in southeast Calgary near the intersection of Chaparral Blvd. and 194th Ave. S.E.


Of the 33 CMVs inspected throughout the day, only three passed, officials said.

Authorities reported a total of 28 CMVs were placed OOS due to “critical defects,” while two additional vehicles were determined to have violations needing to be addressed.

The enforcement action came in response to concerns from local community members that CMVs were unlawfully using the area as a shortcut.


CPS said nine drivers received violations for driving off route.

Officials reminded CMV drivers similar CVSA-backed enforcement operations will continue.


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