Survivors of Deadly Fort Worth Pileup Hit Five Trucking Companies and Drivers With Lawsuit

Fort Worth, TX – The first of what will likely be many lawsuits resulting from the deadly pileup in Fort Worth earlier this month has been filed by three survivors of the horrific crash.

On Monday, three survivors who allegedly suffered “severe bodily injuries” in the 135-vehicle chain reaction crash along I-35W filed suit naming five trucking companies as Defendants.


According to a 10-page civil complaint filed in the District Court of Hidalgo County and obtained by Transportation Nation Network (TNN), plaintiffs Mark Patel, Halee Escamilla and Angela Childeress (all residents of Texas) allege that gross negligence by the trucking companies and truck drivers led to injuries to their necks, backs, spines, heads and other parts of their bodies.

Specifically named as Defendants in the suit are: FedEx Ground Package System, Inc.; J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.; GG’s Produce Transport, LLC; Go To Logistics, Inc.; Rich Transport, LLC, along with six truck drivers identified only as “John Does 1-6.”

“Defendants GG, J.B. Hunt, Rich Logistics, and GO2 Logistics vehicles were involved in the initial part of the accident due to in part, their drivers’ failure to control their speed, failure to drive safely in conditions and failure to take road conditions into account,” the complaint states. “These actions led to a blockage of the roadway causing numerous subsequent accidents.”


The list of allegations against the truckers include:

• Failed to maintain a safe speed;
• Failed to maintain a safe distance;
• Failed to pay attention to the road ahead;
• Failed to drive safely given the road conditions;
• Failed to operate the vehicle safely;
• Failed to follow applicable state and federal rules and regulations, including but not limited to the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Regulations; and
• Other acts deemed negligent and grossly negligent.

Additionally, the suit asserts the truck drivers performed their duties with “reckless disregard to a substantial risk of severe bodily injury.”

The complaint also alleges a slew of allegations against each of the trucking companies including negligence in hiring, training, supervising, retaining, and monitoring the truckers.


Further, the suit asserts the carriers negligently entrusted a big rig to “incompetent and/or reckless drivers.”

The Plaintiffs are seeking in excess of $1 million in compensatory, actual, consequential, and exemplary damages, as well as for pain and suffering, past and future mental anguish, past and future impairment, and past and future disfigurement.


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Additionally, the plaintiffs are asking for court costs, expenses related to depositions, expert witness fees and pre and post-judgement interest on damages.


Attorney Adam Lewis of Arnold & Itkin represents the motorists.

In an exclusive statement to TNN, Lewis said, “The allegations in the lawsuit are based upon our preliminary investigation and our experience in holding transportation companies accountable in similar circumstances. Based on what we know, the lawsuit spells out the most applicable causes of action, and through the discovery process, we will be get a clearer picture of which parties contributed most to the collision.”

Six people died in the tragic crash and have since been identified.

An investigation is ongoing by state and local authorities, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board, as to what led to the crash including allegations the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) failed to properly treat the icy roadway. will continue to bring you the latest on new developments.

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  1. two of those companies mentioned very seldom if ever are pulled into the weigh station for inspections. money. they possibly pay off the DOT to turn a blind eye. And one of those two you see in a majority of crashes on our highways. I am shocked there wasnt an amazon prime involved

  2. The smoke has hardly settled, and some ambulance chaser parasite is already waving around his satchel of litigious BS.

    What a disgrace the “legal counsel” community has become in this country. I remember way back when all this sue-happy, sensational daytime television ad lawyer hysteria started- and it’s become unbearable in the decades since.

    Litigation ads are the tangible, real world version of telemarketers and pop-up ads- obnoxious, annoying, and ought to be illegal!

    Everyone has been brainwashed to think every last mistake that happens in life should be rewarded with an early retirement and absurd compensation. ‍♀️

    We’ve probably all known at least one person who hasn’t really worked a day in their life trying to come up with some scam that’ll set them up at the expense of working people- it sure is disgusting.


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