SUV With Baby On Board Goes Headfirst Into Load Of Logs

West Monroe, Louisiana – A motorist with a 1-year-old child onboard went head first into the back of a load of logs on a log truck yesterday. According to police, a log truck was sitting at a red light on South 5th and Coleman in West Monroe, Louisiana, Tuesday afternoon when a driver in a Jeep SUV slammed into the rear.

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Images from the scene reveal the treacherous aftermath as one of the logs penetrated the windshield and ended up protruding through the back glass window. The female driver of the SUV, who has not been identified, ducked for cover as the log made impact. Amazingly, the log did not hit either the driver or the child in the backseat. In fact, neither sustained any significant injuries.

The truck driver was also uninjured. Police are still investigating and have not released the cause of why the driver of the SUV did not stop in time.

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