Swarm of Migrating Bees Take a Rest at Arizona Truck Stop and It Has Social Media Buzzing

Eloy, AZ – It was an un-BEE-lievable site at a truck stop in Arizona last week when a swarm of bees chose a semi to rest on during migration.

Assistant Chief of the Eloy Fire District (EFD), Robert Maestas, told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the event took place on Friday, February 19 at the Pilot Truck Stop located at 619 South Sunshine Blvd. in Eloy.


EFD was dispatched around 4 p.m. to discover a swarm of bees blanketing a truck parked at the truck stop.

According to Maestas, the bees were not aggressive and were merely resting atop the white semi, belonging to Augusta, GA-based F&W Transportation.

Since the bees were not threatening, EFD made the decision to leave them alone and let nature run its course.

“It’s not uncommon for bees to latch onto a truck or building [during migration],” Maestas told TNN.

Maestas explained that in situations like this, the bees will leave on their own typically after a short period of time.


And that’s exactly what happened.

EFS swung by the truck stop a couple hours later to check on the situation and the bees had already moved on.

“The truck driver was fine with the fact the bees were on his truck. He wasn’t in a hurry,” Maestas told TNN.

The truck stop confirmed to TNN the driver was not inside his truck while the bees were taking a rest.

In a Facebook post, EFD deduced the bees “just wanted to stop during their journey at a fine Eloy establishment.”


The post also implored the public to “be nice to the bees,” as they are essential to pollination.

A picture shared by EFD certainly left many people on social media buzzing about it.

Photo courtesy EFD


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