“Sweet” 95-Year-Old Woman Fulfills Lifelong Dream to Ride in a Big Rig

Oxford, AL – An Alabama trucking company recently played a huge role in fulfilling a 95-year-old woman’s dream of riding in a big rig.

Jack Brim, Vice President of Transportation Operations at Oxford-based BR Williams Trucking, was exhibiting at a local Chamber of Commerce event in mid-October when he was approached by a woman with a request that touched his heart.

“She came by the booth and asked if we ever gave rides in the trucks,” Brim told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) in an exclusive interview.


The reason she was asking?

“Her 95-year-old mother’s dream was to ride in a truck… especially a big red one,” Brim recalled.

The request touched Brim’s heart and he immediately agreed to help make Helen Haywood’s dream a reality.

However, there were some logistics involved to ensure Haywood would be safe, and the team at BR Williams quickly went to work to find solutions.

Brim credits the minds in the shop for helping Haywood get in and out of the truck safely.

“Our shop folks said, ‘Not a problem! We have a cage that we use for high, off-the-ground projects, so we can put her in that and simply raise her to the door level,'” he told TNN.

And on October 24, that’s exactly what happened.


Haywood, along with two of her children, Jana and Keith, and their spouses, arrived at the BR Williams terminal in Oxford to meet with a group of dedicated transportation professionals excited to help make a dream come true.

Haywood was lifted in the ‘cage’ provided by the shop, and beamed with joy as she sat inside the 2017 red Volvo.

95-year-old Helen Haywood recently fulfilled a lifelong dream with the help of an Alabama trucking company.

Behind the wheel of the semi was Brim.

The semi traveled south on Alabama Highway 21 to the town of Munford, approximately 10 miles away, before turning around and driving back to BR Williams.

Brim said he’ll never forget the look on Haywood’s face during the short drive.

“I can’t tell you how sweet she was and the look on her face!” Brim declared.


He said in that moment, he could see Ruth Williams (the company’s co-founder) “smiling down from Heaven” as her company continued her goal of serving others.

Brim said Haywood’s family kept saying how thankful they were to the BR Williams team for making this happen, but it was the trucking company who received the blessing.

“She gave us a reminder of how proud we need to be in what we do and the industry we serve,” the company remarked.

As for what Haywood thought of the ride?

“She said if I ever take a trip and need someone to ride along, give her a call!”

Photos courtesy BR Williams Trucking



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