Tasered Trucker Shoots Fellow Trucker Twice In The Neck During Truck Stop Argument

Dale County, Alabama – An argument at a truck stop near Clayhatchee, Alabama, turned violent Wednesday morning.

The incident happened at the Finnway Service Plaza on Highway 167 after 9 a.m. Wednesday. A fuel truck driver and a log truck driver began arguing over a parking space, according to Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson. As the argument escalated the fuel truck driver fired a taser striking the log truck driver. The log truck driver returned fire, but with a .22 caliber handgun.


The fuel truck driver suffered two gunshot wounds to his neck. He was transported to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment. We do not know his condition at this time, but will bring you more information when we get it.

As for the .22 shooter, officials say he waited for authorities inside the convenience store to tell them what happened. Sheriff Olson confirmed no arrests have been made at this time and this incident is being investigated as a case of self-defense. The identities of the two drivers have not yet been released.

Find more on this story in the video below courtesy of RocketCityNow.com.


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