TCA Owner Operator Of The Year Reveals What Helped Him Win $25,000

“The number one thing is attitude. If you’ve got a positive good attitude it will get you a long ways.” – Danny Jewell, 2018 TCA Owner Operator of the Year

Las Vegas, Nevada – Last week during the Annual Awards Banquet at the Truckload Carriers Association’s (TCA) 81st Annual Convention, TCA announced the winners of the 2018 Driver of the Year Contests.

The 2018 Company Driver of the Year was awarded Ester Nemeth of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who drives for Bison Transport, also of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The 2018 Owner Operator of the Year honor was given to Danny Jewell of Nebraska City, Nebraska who is leased to Warren Transport, Inc. of Waterloo, Iowa.

Ester Nemeth of Bison Transport was awarded the 2018 TCA Company Driver of the Year. – Courtesy of TCA

Nemeth has been a professional truck driver for more than 30 years, and has spent nearly the last 20 years with Bison Transport. In that time, she has logged an impressive 3.75 million accident-free miles.

Jewell has been behind-the-wheel of a big rig since 1968 and has been with Warren Transport for more than 50 years. He’s driven almost 7 million accident-free miles over the course of his incredible career.


2018 TCA Owner Operator of the Year Shares Keys To His Career Success

In an exclusive interview with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), Jewell said his success in the trucking industry has been built on a love for what he is doing. “It’s just something I always wanted to do,” he said. “To be really good at it you have to like and be dedicated to what you’re doing.”

Jewell, who grew up on a farm driving trucks, said he was meant to be a professional trucker. “I always think that God put me on the earth to do what I’m doing and be as good as I am. I really feel like I am a true professional,” he said.

Co-founder and president of Transportation Nation Network, Raelee Toye Jackson, congratulates 2018 TCA Owner Operator of the Year, Danny Jewell.

The long-time owner operator wants to see more young people develop a passion for trucking which is why he said he supports the DRIVE-Safe Act, which would allow drivers as young as 18 years of age obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) and operate cross-country.

“I would love to see younger people get involved in trucking,” Jewell commented. “I see so many kids get out of high school and don’t go to college. They are in no man’s land. We need to get these kids interested in trucking and away from drugs.”

Jewell, who was also recently named the Master Driver of the Year from the Iowa Motor Truck Association, had some advice for current truckers too. He shared three principles that he says he strives to live by and that have served him well.

“The number one thing is attitude. If you’ve got a positive good attitude it will get you a long ways,” he explained. “Patience is another good way to go. Then, have respect for the people you work with.”


Jewell cautioned drivers to “back away” and not “jump into people’s faces” when confronted with a disagreement with a co-worker or fellow driver. “I just like for people to see what I’ve done so they can do it themselves,” he explained.

For a job well done, Jewell and Nemeth were awarded a giant cash prize of $25,000 each. So, what is he planning to do with all that dough?

“My wife and I are looking at taking a trip to Ireland maybe. We’ll do something like that,” Jewell said.

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