Team Drivers Refuse to Cooperate With Police After Argument Leads to Stabbing

Salt Lake City, UT – Police were called to a truck stop late Saturday night after receiving reports of shots fired amid an argument between two truckers that turned violent.

Salt Lake City Police (SLCP) officers were called to the scene of a Love’s Travel Stop, at 25 N. Redwood Rd., on Saturday night after witnesses reported hearing gun shots and two men arguing, according to local news outlet Gephardt Daily.

Upon arriving, officers discovered a semi-truck with a smashed out window and a truck driver who was bleeding from a stab wound to his chest.


Lt. Carlos Valencia with SLCP said the victim was questioned, but was not forthcoming with information about what led to the stabbing.

Authorities also questioned a suspect, who is the victim’s co-driver.

However, like the victim, the suspect was also unwilling to cooperate with SLCP’s investigation, according to Lt. Valencia.

Despite reports of gun fire, investigators did not find a firearm or shell casings at the scene, Lt. Valencia indicated.

“There were no witnesses that can pinpoint who shot, or where, or what,” Valencia said to Gephardt Daily.


The victim was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The suspect, who was uninjured, was not taken into custody.

Lt. Valencia said no charges have been filed because authorities “don’t have a crime scene” and “the victim doesn’t want to be the victim.”

Authorities have not released the identities of either trucker involved, but said the two men are not related.

Drugs or alcohol was not believed to be a contributing factor in the incident, Lt. Valencia said.



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