Team Truck Drivers Busted Trafficking Cocaine From Texas to Georgia

Baldwin County, AL – A truck driving team from Texas was arrested this week in Alabama for trafficking cocaine.

On Monday, the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) reported the arrests of 46-year-old Daniel Corona of Pasadena, TX and 43-year-old Gilberto Gonzalez of Houston, TX.


The two men were operating a big rig along Interstate 65 on Monday afternoon when deputies with Baldwin County’s Special Operations Unit initiated a traffic stop for following too closely near mile marker 38.

Officers said the two men gave permission to search the vehicle.

A duffle bag containing 16 kilos (35.2 lbs.) of packaged cocaine was found on the floor in the rig’s sleeper.

“It was just in there in duffle bags so I wouldn’t say it was hidden per say,” BCSO Captain Clint Cadenhead told local outlet FOX 10. “I mean, it was hidden from plain sight, but it was not some type of altered part of the vehicle where they had it hidden or anything like that.”


The drugs were en route from Texas to Atlanta, GA and have an estimated street value of $500,000, BCSO said.

The shipment was seized and both drivers were subsequently charged with drug trafficking.



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