Team Truckers Hauling FEMA Relief Supplies Get the Boot in Walmart Parking Lot

West Valley City, UT – A husband-wife owner-operator team hauling Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) relief loads amid the COVID-19 pandemic received an unwelcomed surprise early Thursday morning when their truck was booted in a Walmart parking lot.

Angela Schmidt, of Deltona, FL, took to social media Thursday to express her frustration with the Salt Lake City tow company “Ready Set Tow” and the $300 charge she incurred.

According to Angela, she and her husband, Chris, were delivering a FEMA load right outside of Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

“The load took six or seven hours to unload,” Angela told Transportation Nation Network (TNN).


She said she and Chris detached from the trailer and drove around the area a bit while they were waiting.

They noted several truck stops nearby, as well as a Walmart Supercenter.

Once they were able to pick up their trailer, it was close to 10 p.m. and all the truck stops in the area were already full for the night.

“We called around and nobody had [parking available],” she said.

That’s when she remembered the Walmart they had passed earlier.

Angela called and learned the Walmart was on modified hours due to COVID-19 concerns and had closed at 8:30 p.m.


She recalled seeing several of the retail giant’s locations welcoming truckers to park if they were hauling essential loads, so she and Chris drove through the snow into the empty Walmart parking lot.

They parked in a far corner and decided to get some rest for the night before making another relief load run the following day.

At 5 a.m., they were suddenly awakened to the sound of an airhorn going off outside their truck.

“They were blaring the airhorn to wake us up!” Angela recounted to TNN.

Once Angela and Chris rolled down the window, they were notified their truck had been booted… not once, but twice.


Ready Set Tow had placed a chain boot on the front of the tractor and another on the trailer — each boot coming with a removal fee of $150.

“I understand it was our fault, but with Walmart stating they are helping in this crisis, I would think the tow company should show a little consideration,” she commented.


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She asserts the least they could have done was wake them up and give them an opportunity to move their rig out of the empty parking lot.

Chris, a 25-year trucking veteran, believes booting their rig twice was excessive, calling it both “extortion and blackmail.”

As owner-operators, they said they had “no choice” but to pay the $300 fee, otherwise they were looking at upwards of $1,000 for the rig to be towed.

Also on Thursday night, a trucker in Charlotte, NC, was threatened with an $8,000 towing and recovery charge if his carrier did not cough up more than $3,000 to remove a truck boot.

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  1. U know these ass hole that r doing the booting r lucky they don’t get shot because u r in aiding my home as u truck drivers know this is ur home when u r on the road and if u have a concealed carry permit if some body comes knocking on my door I am going to pull my gun on them and they had better in do that boot or else and I would be happy for them to call the police and we would see who was going to do what they would take the boot off at no charge

  2. First off, this isn’t a real boot, just a chain locking the trailer in place. The use of unofficial or unusual equipment is illigal. This towing company probably doesn’t even have Boot permits in order to boot the public. Therefore there’s no reason why you can’t call a service truck to cut the chain off then be on your way. These are unscrupulous people who take advantage of a situation like the virus to take advantage of the people that are helping! This falls on Walmart no matter what and makes them responsible for ANY financial and or property loss.

  3. Well mart don’t stop them.not knowing that there own trucks share the roads and truck stops with don’t want to waste and loose time to take them to court.even though you have a receipt that You just went inside to buy and leaving.cost me $250 .when you start getting even and letting them know.They will do something about.or call you on speaker while you shop and let you know or knock if You are in the truck. I stop by the docks to go and buy but I do not stay.i carry a grinder wirh a cutting disc.they can remove me out of his property by telling me.or they can remove his property out of my truck or I cut it..and let see what happen

  4. GET REAL!! YOUR TEAM! ONE OF YOU HAD THE HOURS TO GET TO A LEGAL SAFE PARKING SPOT!! You took the risk and you lost! Pay the fine and shut up!
    Walmart is only protecting their business and they have the legal right to!
    I’m not saying I agree with the booting but if TRUCKER’S don’t respect their business decisions then you are not giving them much of a choice. They already told you they don’t want you parking their so they shouldn’t have to wake you up to tell you!
    DOT has given us PERSONAL CONVEYANCE TO GET TO A SAFE HAVEN but it’s not for parking illegally!
    Grow up and take responsibility for your actions!!!!
    Just because your running relief loads doesn’t give you special benefits. You still have to obey the law!


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