Teamsters Cheer Plan to Pass Controversial PRO Act With Infrastructure Bill

Washington D.C. – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is cheering the Democrats’ plan to pass a controversial bill many trucking groups warn will harm independent contractors as part of the Biden Administration’s newly unveiled infrastructure plan.

In a statement following the rollout of President Biden’s $2+ trillion proposal to overhaul America’s infrastructure dubbed the “American Jobs Plan,” the Teamsters praised the plan saying it “will revitalize the middle class for working Americans.”


Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said, “The American Jobs Plan will modernize our roads, bridges, ports, airports, rail, and transit systems – all critical parts of America’s supply chain.”

Also included in the plan is the controversial Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act which many trucking groups say will destroy the industry’s leased owner-operator model.

Click HERE to see Transportation Nation Network’s extensive reporting on the PRO Act.

“The administration’s push for Congress to enact the PRO Act as a key piece of the American Jobs Plan is another sign that President Biden is fulfilling his promise to reform labor law and empower millions of workers looking for a voice on the job,” the Teamsters said.


Hoffa added: “This plan creates good-paying jobs now and in the future while taking real action, through the PRO Act, to level the playing field for middle class workers who have been fighting for their right to join a union free from employer intimidation.”

Click HERE to read how Democrats plan to pass the PRO Act.

Trucking groups vocal in their opposition to the PRO Act include: the American Trucking Associations, Truckload Carriers Association, Owner Operator Independent Driver’s Association, Small Business in Transportation Coalition, and Transportation Intermediaries Association.


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