Teenage Boy Spends Allowance to Feed Hungry Truckers and the World is Taking Notice

Morgantown, WV – Thirteen-year-old Logan Miller lives by one motto: “America would stop – the world would stop – if we did not have truck drivers.”

Logan, who proudly declares himself Jr. CEO of his dad’s single-truck company, Chapter 2 Freight LLC., leased to Louisville, KY-based Mercer Transportation, overheard a conversation between his parents after his dad left on a trip this week.

As America began to feel the effects of the National Emergency declared by President Donald Trump on March 13, Logan was deeply affected when he heard his dad say he went to bed hungry after not being able to find a meal while over the road.


Logan’s dad, Jason Miller, recalled the conversation as he spoke with Transportation Nation Network (TNN) Friday evening.

Miller said he had just driven 500 miles and was struggling to find a place to eat amid the COVID-19 closures.

“I had a can of Vienna sausages, some crackers, a juice and went to bed hungry,” Miller told TNN.

Logan, heartbroken that any trucker — much less his own father — was struggling to find a meal on the road, decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I live right on the border of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and we like to eat at the Huddle House,” Logan told TNN. “It closed down because of the coronavirus, and since they closed down, I’ve seen truckers make parking spots alongside the highway. It made me really mad and sad.”


So he gathered $50 of allowance he had saved and called his dad asking for a favor.

“He asked if he could have a $50 advance on his allowance,” Miller laughed.

Logan explained to his dad that he wanted to help feed hungry truckers and he planned to take the money — $100 total — to buy food to hand out to truckers at a nearby truck stop.

With his parents’ blessing and a pocketful of allowance, Logan and his mom, Melissa, headed off to the grocery store where they stocked up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, Slim Jim’s, crackers, fresh fruit, and lots of bottled water.

After assembling fifty care packages, on Friday, Logan and his mom loaded up the family’s mini-van and drove to a nearby Pilot truck stop, located at exit 146 off Interstate 79 in Morgantown.


Melissa went inside to ask permission to pass out the lunch bags, but was abruptly told to leave, according to Logan.

“They said ‘no’ because it would take business away from them and the manager kicked us off the property!” he sadly recalled.

He said he didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to do something nice for America’s hardworking truckers.

Logan explained he was “just giving [the truckers] 5 or 6 items, so they still might go in and buy something!”


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Miller revealed to TNN that management at the truck stop even threatened to have his wife and son arrested if they didn’t swiftly leave the property.

Discouraged, Logan called his dad — who was still over the road — in search of suggestions.

“I told him to go to the West Virginia welcome center off I-79,” Miller said, knowing they would be safe from the threat of having authorities called on them.

Thirteen-year-old Logan Miller passes out bagged lunches to hungry truckers at a West Virginia rest area on Friday, March 20. (All photos courtesy Joseph Graham/HBX.)

It was there Logan met trucker Joseph Graham, of Terra Alta, WV, who was an hour and fifteen minutes away from home, but forced to stop for a 30-minute break, and not at all happy about it.

After a “horrible” week where finding a hot meal was “like pulling teeth,” Graham said he was “mad at the world” when he saw Logan out of the corner of his eye approaching his truck.

“I rolled my window down and everything changed,” Graham said.

“Me and my mom made bagged lunches for you guys because we appreciate you. Would you like one?” Logan asked.

Graham said everything was suddenly put into perspective.

“When you see a 13-year-old boy take that amount of time to want to help, it’s very humbling. I couldn’t help myself, first thing I thought is I gotta get a video.”


Graham is a professional videographer and owner of the popular trucker video site, Hillbilly Express Media (HBX), so he grabbed the closest camera he could quickly get his hands on — his camera phone — and asked Melissa’s permission to live-stream Logan’s message on social media to share with his followers.

“It left such an impact on me,” Graham commented, and thought other truckers could use the encouragement after a difficult week.

The video began spreading like wildfire, racking up over 100,000 views in only five hours.

Miller was sitting in his truck in Oklahoma City, OK, when he saw his son’s video on HBX’s Facebook page.


He told TNN he’s proud of Logan and hopes the experience of lending a helping hand to his trucker heroes will ease the disappointment over the cancellation of the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), which was announced earlier this month.

“It’s the one time I let him miss school and he’s been really devastated to miss all the fun,” Miller dejectedly said.

However, it seems as though Logan will have something to keep him busy in place of MATS this year: a fundraiser set up by Graham shortly after the video went viral has already raked in over $500, so Logan can continue to spread goodwill to truckers at the I-79 southbound rest area.

“I want to spend it on truckers because they need motivation and they need food,” Logan declared. “Even though the truck stops are still open and offering food, [truckers] might stop at a rest area and they only have vending machines and bathrooms.”


He promises to continue to do his part to make sure truckers know how appreciated they are.

And to Graham, that means everything.

“There’s still a lot of good people in the world, no matter how carnal it seems at times,” he opined.

WATCH Graham’s video interview with Logan below.



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