Terrifying New Video Surfaces of 140-Vehicle Pileup on I-80

Rawlins, WY – New terrifying video continues to surface from a deadly 140 vehicle pileup during a winter storm along Interstate 80 in Wyoming last Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, authorities confirmed three people died in the accident which occurred between Rawlins and Wamsutter near mile marker 184.

On Thursday, new video of the crash was revealed on YouTube and posted by Linda Flores.


Flores says she was traveling with her nephew from Utah to Denver when she captured the video.

“The signs through out interstate 80 advised us of icy roads, low visibility, high winds, bad weather conditions,” she wrote. “As we approached the incident we did not notice anything was wrong with the west bound lane because I was focused on the road ahead of me, until I noticed a large white van fly [off] the westbound road on its side! I yelled at the kids ‘did you see that’. And there was a man in an orange jacket flagging the eastbound lane. And the semi in front of us pulled over. I assumed that the eastbound was also in a pileup and pulled over. We tried calling 911 but we just didn’t know where we were on the interstate?”

WATCH the video below. (Viewer Discretion Advised)



Shortly after the pileup, truck driver David Cuarezma posted a video from the scene on YouTube also.


He called the accident “horrible” and said, “Thank God we [are] still alive.”

WATCH his video below. (Viewer Discretion Advised)



During the whiteout conditions, a second pileup occurred on eastbound I-80 around milepost 181 and involved approximately 40 vehicles.

No one perished in that crash, but one person suffered critical injuries.

Authorities described the crashes as a “disaster” requiring a “huge response” from law enforcement and first responders.



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  1. Normally I travel on this highway about 80% of the time from salt lake to Grand island. I was at home when this happened, 3 people dead and multiple are arrested. Some will lose they’re license forever. I transport jet fuel, pulling 2 20,000 gallon tanks, to me this is hard to watch just like the same accident in Wyoming in 2017 it had a similar but more worse outcome. I just do not know why is it so hard for trucks to pull over? This is classified as a preventative accident. This should not have happened, 3 people should not have died, this is a good example on what UNPROFESSIONAL truck driving has become. As someone that has put 1 million miles on i-80 and someone who respect the road and mother nature, you gotta know when to give in to mother nature. She won today.


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