Texas Trucker Boasts “World’s Largest BBQ Grill” for a Special Cause

Brenham, TX – No matter where in the world you live, you’ve heard the phrase “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” and one Texas trucker and his wife is proving that’s true… at least for barbecue grills.

Terry Folsom and his wife Kimberly King live in Brenham, TX, right off Highway 290 between Austin and Houston.

In their front yard sits the “World’s Largest BBQ Grill,” coming in at a whopping 40 tons, and sitting atop an oversized trailer.

“The truck weighs about 22,000 lbs., the trailer weighs 80,000,” Folsom, a 30-year trucking veteran, said in a recent episode of Ridiculous Rides, a short video series on the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel.

“It’s a 76-foot barbecue pit,” he proudly declared. “This is my passion.”


With the smoker built right into the trailer, Folsom’s 18-speed 1997 Peterbilt 379 extended hood hauls the behemoth BBQ pit throughout the state of Texas, helping feed people in their time of need.

“We have [taken] it to the Salvation Army in Galveston several times and fed the homeless and veterans for Thanksgiving,” King said. “Also, we did Hurricane Harvey for Red Cross.”

During the 2017 hurricane disaster, King told the producers of Ridiculous Rides she and Folsom fed 55,000 people in 11 days.

And with a smoker that can cook anywhere between 8-to-12,000 lbs. of meat at a time, it’s easy to see how such a feat is possible.

The pit has 24 smoking compartments — 12 on each side of the trailer — and the Texas-shaped fire box sits at the back of the trailer.

Folsom said they like to keep the temperature around 250 degrees, and it takes approximately two and a half hours to get it up to temperature.


According to Folsom, the pit was built by a company in Houston and took about six months to complete.

The “World’s Largest BBQ Grill” has garnered national media attention for years.


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In 2015, Folsom put it up for sale on eBay for $350,000.

The 379 Pete was an additional $50,000.

The grill did not sell and the listing on eBay is no longer active.

According to a report that year by USA Today, Folsom is not the original owner of the grill.

The original owner, says USA Today, used to take the grill on tour.


At that time, King said, “I’d rather just sell it and get it gone,” as opposed to taking it back on tour, as many suggested they do.

King said to move it out of their driveway, people have to block traffic because “it takes us all the way to the other side of the road.”

“It is costly to move it,” she stated. “You have to have special escorts because it’s overweight and over length.”

WATCH the 5-minute Ridiculous Rides segment below.




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