Third ‘Tentative’ Labor Deal Could Put an End to UAW Strike At Largest Volvo Trucks Plant

Dublin, VA – A third “tentative” labor agreement could end an ongoing work stoppage at Volvo Trucks North America’s (VTNA) largest assembly plant.

Another deal has been reached between VTNA negotiators and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, the parties announced on Thursday.


If ratified by Local 2069 rank-and-file, the deal would end months of rancor between the two parties and return approximately 2,900 employees at VTNA’s New River Valley (NRV) truck assembly plant to work.

Local 2069 members have been on strike since June 7 after overwhelmingly voting down the second “tentative” labor deal.

“UAW members and their families felt strongly about the need for financial stability gains in this contract and were willing to strike not once, but twice, to achieve those gains,” said UAW President and Director of the UAW Heavy Truck Department, Ray Curry. “The elected bargaining team of the UAW Volvo Truck Council worked very hard to achieve these significant  gains and they could not have achieved them without the solidarity of Local 2069 members.”

While, the UAW has yet to disclose many details about the new agreement, VTNA released some highlights.


According to VTNA, the deal would:

• Eliminate the two-tier wage structure;
• Immediately take any employee currently in wage progression and hired on or before June 30, 2015 to top pay;
• Institute a six-year progression to top pay for all employees, giving credit for years of active service;
• Increase the new hire starting pay by more than 14 percent; and
• Guarantee no increases in health insurance premiums over the life of the contract for the plant’s best-in-class health insurance coverage, an employee benefit which represents a cost of more than $20,000 a year per employee.

UAW Local 2069 workers will remain on strike until a vote is held and the deal is approved.

The vote is currently scheduled for Friday, July 9.

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