Thousands of ‘Essential’ Workers Are Being Fired Due to Vaccine Mandates… Are Truckers Next?

Little Rock, AR – Thousands of public and private sector workers once deemed “essential” by the federal government are being fired across America for not complying with COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

From health care workers to law enforcement personnel, thousands of Americans who were relied on during the pandemic are now losing their careers because of vaccine mandates.


Just this week, thousands of New York educators and health care workers are being fired or suspended for failure to comply with state and local vaccine requirements.

The terminations are predictably leading to staff shortages.

In fact, New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) has signed an executive order activating the National Guard to help fill the shortages in area hospitals.

In another instance in Texas, Brownfield Regional Medical Center said it may close down if President Biden’s recently announced federal vaccine mandate is enforced because so many staff will have to be fired, according to KCBD in Lubbock.


As a result of the growing shortages, some hospitals are reportedly cutting back or considering curtailing services like delivering babies and surgical procedures.

While the mandates have not yet exacerbated the ongoing challenges in America’s supply chain, many concerned trucking stakeholders are closely watching these developments and are wary about the days ahead.

It’s partly why major trucking groups such as the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) have denounced President Biden’s vaccine mandates on businesses employing 100 people or more and companies which do business with the federal government.

The ATA is hinting it may even file a lawsuit challenging what it calls “discriminatory” labor policy.


However, the issue may soon become even more complicated and fraught with peril for America’s supply chain as the Biden Administration is currently weighing whether or not to issue a vaccine mandate for interstate travel.

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Trade associations within the airline industry have pushed back on the idea arguing it would disallow travel for the more than 80 million Americans yet to take the jab as well as be costly and burdensome to enforce.

Further, the White House has not indicated who would be tasked with enforcing such a requirement or even how it would be implemented along America’s interstate highway system.


If the outpouring of feedback Transportation Nation Network has received from truckers in recent weeks specifically about this issue is an accurate gauge, many thousands of truck drivers would likely exit the industry.

Nevertheless, the full effects of such policies are just now beginning to be felt across the country and the trucking community is bracing for impact.

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