TNN Co-Founder Warns, “Truckers Will Not Go Quietly” On New Efforts To Toll Trucks

“When you inform the public about what’s actually being done, you can expect the resolution of that outcome to be a more just one.” – Micah Jackson, Co-Founder of Transportation Nation Network

Richmond, Virginia – A co-founder of Transportation Nation Network (TNN) is speaking out about the role TNN and its readers and viewers played in the recent defeat of the controversial plan to “primarily” toll truckers along I-81 in Virginia.

A new article published in the The Virginia Mercury entitled, “Inside the furious social media fight over proposed I-81 tolling,” takes an in-depth and insightful look at how the controversial tolling provision, proposed by State Senator Mark Obenshain, was stalled and then eventually stripped from new legislation aiming to fund state infrastructure projects.

Author of the article, Mason Adams, said he noticed TNN’s “very solid” reporting about the Virginia tolling issue on social media. As he learned more about the depth of TNN’s reporting on tolling issues truckers are facing in other states like Indiana and Rhode Island, he said he was impressed and wanted to learn more about why truckers opposed tolling so vehemently.

Adams, a respected freelance journalist with a career spanning two decades, has been covering the political scene in Virginia since the early-2000’s. However, he said he became fascinated with the battle he witnessed being played out on social media over Obenshain’s proposed plan.


It was a battle he noticed TNN members speaking out about. It’s why he says he reached out to TNN for more context. Co-founder of TNN, Micah Jackson, told Adams, “There’s virtually no support in the trucking community for tolling.”

Jackson, who spent the better part of a decade running the then popular trucking newspaper, The Trucker, is a passionate advocate for truckers and the contributions those in the trucking community make to our way of life.

When asked by Adams if he thought TNN helped play a role in the demise of Obenshain’s plan, Jackson responded, “I don’t think there’s any question about it. The reason why is because when you inform the public about what’s actually being done, you can expect the resolution of that outcome to be a more just one.”

Reporting the real truth about what is happening in the trucking industry, free from the corporate slant often found in the establishment trucking media, is a big reason why Jackson said he and his wife, Raelee, left their previous careers at another trucking news outlet to launch TNN.

Jackson explained, “Honest and informative reporting with a focus on what really matters to the men and women behind-the-wheel is the foundational principle that will always drive TNN’s news division,” which was launched last year. Having already received critical acclaim for the creation and production of original series trucking shows like Truckerville, The Driver’s Lounge and Beyond The Boardroom, Jackson says TNN is about serving the needs of America’s true heroes.


It’s those heroes, the men and women who deliver America’s goods, who Jackson told The Virginian Mercury “will not go quietly” when it comes to the growing number of states looking to impose more tolls onto truckers.

Even though the final battle over tolls along I-81 won’t be fought until later this year, Jackson had a warning for Virginia legislators. “Yes, the final battle has not yet been waged. But don’t expect truckers to roll over either, because that’s not going to happen,” Jackson maintained.

Read the full article and interview HERE.

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