“Too Bad, Accidents Happen” Says Trucker Who Crashed In Boston Tunnel

Boston, Massachusetts – If Boston area commuters were looking for an apology from the truck driver who crashed an over-height and over-width load into the top of a tunnel along Interstate 93 Thursday morning causing hours of delays, they are going to be waiting a while.

On Thursday Transportation Nation Network brought you a report and video that has since gone viral showing the scene of a truck crash in the O’Neil Tunnel along Interstate 93 in Boston. Now the truck driver is speaking out for the first time since the accident.

59-year-old Bryan Elliot, of Ontario, Canada, was the driver of that flatbed semi and he tells 7 News Boston it wasn’t his fault. In fact, he says his paperwork will exonerate him. He says he hauled a similar container load from Canada to Rhode Island traveling through the O’Neil Tunnel in Boston earlier this week with no problem, but something was different on Thursday.


“I started through the tunnel, got three-quarters of the way through then it hit,” Elliot said. The O’Neil Tunnel has a clearance of 13′ 6″ and Elliot says he understood that and everything should have been fine. “My paperwork says it [container] was 8’ 6” high and the top of my trailer is 5’. That’s 13’ 6”,” Elliott explained.

Well, things did not go well for Elliott or the thousands of Boston commuters, who many experienced delays of more than three hours due to the accident. As for those commuters, Elliott didn’t seem to be too concerned. “How do I say this? It’s too bad they had to wait, but accidents happen I guess you could say,” Elliott said.

Elliott was cited by state police for both an over-height and over-width truck.

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Truck Driver Cited After Load Smashes Into Boston Tunnel

See the video that has gone viral!




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