Top 5 Troubling Trucking Trends Likely To Continue In 2019: #2 Parking Problems

Little Rock, Arkansas – If you are an avid reader or viewer of Transportation Nation Network (TNN), you are well aware that we follow trucking news and industry trends as closely as any. As we head into a new year, we’ve identified 5 trends from 2018 that we think are likely to continue through 2019.

Here is the number 2 troubling trucking trend we expect to continue in 2019.

#2 Parking Problems

Finding safe parking continues to roil many truck drivers. Stricter HOS rules combined with the implementation of the ELD mandate has only exacerbated what was already a serious problem.

Truckers are increasingly looking for parking in residential areas and commercial parking lots in local municipalities and cities. In response, more and more city and municipality officials are cracking down on truckers parking in these areas.

Cities in Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Connecticut, just to name a few, all announced new measures to rid their cities of unwanted trucks parking illegally.


In fact, TNN helped make one Midland, Texas, city councilman famous or infamous this year depending on your perspective. TNN was the first trucking media organization to report on city councilman J. Ross Lacy who was proudly and angrily denigrating truckers who were parking illegally in parking lots of local businesses.

When the video went viral, many truckers made their feelings known to Mr. Lacy by sending the city emails and voicing their displeasure on social media. Tensions between the trucking community and communities targeting illegal truck parking are only escalating.

Truckers are also confronting towing and security company sharks looking to cash in on the growing problem. Just in the last few months Transportation Nation Network has reported on numerous instances of truckers being fined as much as $3,600 for parking illegally and having their trucks booted until the fine is paid. One towing company in Florida went so far as to boot a trucker’s truck while he was delivering hurricane relief supplies during Hurricane Florence.

We won’t soon forget Brad James a.k.a. “The Singing Truck Driver,” and friend of Transportation Nation Network, when he set off a social media firestorm early last month when he live streamed his experience in a Walmart parking lot in Berea, Kentucky. James was singing the blues when his truck was booted and he was unable to croon his way out of an eye-popping $560 fine.


Bottom Line

Transportation Nation Network filed countless reports about this issue in 2018, and we see no end in sight for this growing problem. As long as we ship the overwhelming majority of our goods on trucks, those trucks, whether they have a driver in them or not, will require safe parking. However, we don’t see many people in power who seem to care.


#3 Congestion Is Costing Us

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