Top Cable News Host and Truckers Mock President Biden For Bogus Claim He Was a Trucker

Washington D.C. – The host of the highest-rated nightly cable news show and many truckers are mocking President Joe Biden after he was caught on a hot mic earlier this week claiming he once worked as a trucker.

Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” devoted a segment of his popular cable show Thursday evening to skewering President Biden for a series of untrue statements about his life and career, including his most recent gaffe.


On Wednesday, President Biden visited the Mack Trucks Lehigh Valley Operations facility to tout his administration’s efforts to promote American manufacturing.

During a tour of the facility, a local news outlet microphone overheard the President telling a group of executives he used to work as a trucker.

“I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man,” Biden said. “I got to.”

When pressed by Fox News on the dubious claim, the White House obfuscated the issue but noted Mr. Biden once rode in a big rig during a 536-mile haul to Ohio and also held a summer job driving a school bus.


WATCH Carlson and his guest, political commentator Mark Steyn, discuss it below.

Truckers React

Since Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first reported the story, truckers have sounded off on TNN’s social media platforms leaving hundreds of comments.

Most shared similar sentiments as Carlson and Steyn.

“What’s next, he survived the Titanic, moonlighted as a bootlegger, drives a monster truck on the weekend?” Matthew St. Laurent chided.


Kyle Fricke defended the President… well, sort of.

“Well in his defense he’s been a career politician for 40 some years… compulsive lying is kinda normal for them,” Fricke wrote.

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A truck driver of 28 years, Susan Kaye, responded angrily to Mr. Biden’s claim calling it “ludicrous, insulting, condescending and another blatant lie.”

Finally, Joanie Wheeler expressed compassion for the President.

“You realize the man is not meaning to lie,” she wrote. “He’s honestly not in a stable mind frame. He should be retired and resting… instead of all this craziness his family is pushing him through.”

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