Top Energy Analyst Warns Truckers to Brace For ‘Dark Spring and Summer’

Washington, D.C. — A leading energy analyst is warning truckers to brace for unprecedented fuel costs in the weeks and months ahead.

About this time last year, Daniel Turner, founder of Power the Future, a non-profit energy policy research organization, told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) he expected diesel prices to soar to above $5 per gallon during President Joe Biden’s time in office.


That prediction seems certain to come to fruition as the national average price for on-highway diesel now sits at its highest point in history — $4.849 per gallon — according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Information Administration (EIA).

“It’s just sad to see it,” Turner told TNN this week. “This is all completely predictable and reversible.”

The average price of on-highway diesel has increased nine weeks in a row and jumped an astounding 74.5 cents per gallon last week.


While the Biden Administration is blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and U.S. oil companies for not fully utilizing leases to drill domestically, Turner argues this problem has been developing since President Biden’s first day in office when he rescinded a series of Trump-era policies which had led to lower fuel costs and American energy independence.

“Putin right now is the perfect scapegoat for the Biden Administration, but oil was already up 50 percent way before we started talking about Ukraine,” he said.

Many have wondered if the White House has purposefully enacted such policies to drive the costs of fossil fuels higher in order to bring about a green energy revolution.


Turner believes the answer to that question is obvious.

“This administration has been very eager to have a green revolution. In order to have a green revolution and get people off fossil fuels you have to make fossil fuels very unattractive. The only way to make it unattractive is to make it very, very expensive, and the way you do that is to make the supply dwindle. So, this was always their plan. You have to wonder why a president would want to punish his own people for a political agenda,” he commented.


While Turner warns the ultimate losers resulting from record-high fuel prices will be consumers of all types of goods — because the costs will simply passed on to them — he says he also “feels for truckers.”

“We are headed for a dark spring and summer and truckers are going to have to bear a lot of this burden. I think truckers are in for a really difficult time in relationships in business dealings because they are going to be looked on as the bad guy and they’re not!” he told TNN.

Further, Turner stated that returning to previous energy polices would begin to lower fuel costs again, but that is unlikely to happen given the Biden Administration’s current policy agenda.

Fuel pump photo courtesy @maga_minnesota/Twitter


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