Top Five Things People Are Saying About Alarming Rise in Violence Against Truckers

Little Rock, AR – The alarming rise in violence in recent weeks against truckers is eliciting a flood of responses on social media, and Transportation Nation Network (TNN) has identified a few that are most prevalent.

Since widespread social unrest began in the wake of the death of George Floyd, we have seen violence against truck drivers rise across the country.


TNN has been on the frontline reporting on this disturbing trend, and it doesn’t seem to be abating.

Just last week, TNN reported attacks on truckers who were murdered, attacked by gunfire while driving, robbed and run over.

These attacks occurred in Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

In the last few weeks, TNN has reported on attacks against truckers in California, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah and more.


TNN was the first to report that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) even had discussions about possibly taking unprecedented steps to provide truckers with additional flexibility in the hours of service (HOS) regulations until the violence slowed.

However, the Agency ultimately chose not to take such action.

Instead, the FMCSA urged truckers to “call police” if attacked and to “use the emergency conditions exception… if the trip was delayed due to a civil disturbance causing a driver to reasonably fear for their physical safety.”

As frustration among many truckers over the growing violence has continued to mount, TNN readers have flooded our social media pages with thousands of comments expressing their concerns.


While TNN readers have shared many diverse points of view, we have noticed the most common responses generally fall within five types or themes.

We thought we would share them with you and provide a few examples of each.

5. Out of Control

“We the American truckers have become live targets.” – J.C. Yoakum

“35 years out here and I’ve never seen it this crazy.” – Thomas L. Jones

“Attacking our food and medical supplies, we cannot allow this and need to watch our truckers backs.” – Van Cain

“It’s like the wild wild west out there…” – Steven Smith


4. Right to Carry

“As a 13 year truck driver, I think we should be able to carry a firearm while we’re on duty. OTR or local.” – David E. Mays

“If the police aren’t allowed to stop this we will fight back on our own we will defend our lives and property.” – Robert Price

“Arm yourselves and do what you have to do!” – Carolyn Hayes

“All truckers should be able to carry a damn gun. I worry my ass off all week wondering if I’ll get a call that something happened to my hubby.” – Tammy L. Rhoton


3. Shut Down/Time to Retire

“Time for truckers to shut this country down faster than a virus.” – Craig Russell

“How long before they shut down??? I’m sorta glad I retired when I did.” – Mike Turner

“Yep, I think that means it time for me to stay home.” – Karen Parker

“This BULLSH-T is enough. Glad I retired three years ago.” – Rose/Doug Leedle

“Been a trucker a little over 30 years… without trucks America stops.” – Mark Dorsett

“I’m about done with this industry, 23 year driver.” – Brian Lewis


Truckers Murdered, Shot At, and Robbed in a Disturbingly Violent Week

Trucker Comes Under Gunfire Attack and Ditches Rig on Texas Highway, Police Shoot Gunman

Truckers Are Outraged Over FMCSA’s New Guidance on What to Do If Attacked

Another Trucker Comes Under Gunfire Attack on Interstate in Kansas City

2. Heroes to Zeros

“We went from being essential to just some piece of crap. … How did you all survive during the shutdown now you don’t need us.” – Jim Pigg

“Three months ago we were heroes….now they wanna kill us….and we’re just trying to do our jobs. All of this is beyond disgusting.” – Colin Perry

“Well you can be sure industry leaders and representatives sure as hell don’t give a damn about us drivers. As long as the freight gets through, to hell with us. We’re expendable.” – Rob Webster

“Amazing how we went from being so called heroes when this bs pandemic started and were given a golden pass… to targets within what 3 months.” – Joseph Biddle

“Funny how we went from “Thank You Truckers to “F-U Truckers” in a matter of months… I’m essential? Yeah OK.” – Clint Mock


1. Refuse to Go Into Dangerous Areas

“Park all semi trucks. Starve out the states where this happens.” – Wes Knutson

“…Truckers please don’t jeopardize your lives! It’s not worth it… y’all do so much for us and sacrifice who knows how much time away from your families. If these sorry mayors and government can do no better than this, please don’t drive there.” – Crystal Ramsey

“Should not be any deliveries to cities of unrest.” – Bonnie Adams

“Let the assholes run out of food…trucker lives matter too.” – Paul Williams

“As a truck driver I flat refuse to go to certain cities and the list is growing.” – Robert Adams

We appreciate all those who have taken time to share your thoughts on this important issue and will continue to track it closely.



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  1. My fellow Truckers, it’s definitely time to turn your key to the left, sit in your recliner with a six pack and take two weeks off. ALL drivers must shut down on Labor Day for two weeks!!!

    This will solve a lot……

    1) Lack of parking
    2) We need hazardous pay
    3) We need to carry our weapon
    4) We need HOS reform
    5) We need better treatment like: free parking, coffee and showers.
    6) we need receiving held liable for detention and regulated.
    7) We need broker transparency that’s regulated
    8) We need lower insurance rates
    9) Less regulations

    The politicians don’t care and see us as a means to their own political gains. Our own country of people treat us like shit. No respect, no gratitude. We must strike back now. This is the best time. We all need a break from all this civil unrest anyways. Do it on LABOR Day and stay home for two weeks straight. After two weeks of no trucks on their highways, no food, no fuel, nothing- then, they will be asking us- what do we do to get truckers back. It’s all about their own self gain. This country is filled with selfish people. Teach them to respect us!!!!!!!


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