“Refrigerated” Big Rig Human Smuggling Attempt Prevented By Nogales Border Agents

Tucson, Arizona – Seemingly every week we could write up a report about a new human smuggling attempt via a tractor-trailer, and this week is no exception.

Courtesy: U.S. Border Patrol

On Monday night Nogales Border Patrol agents discovered 18 illegal immigrants attempting to be smuggled by a 47-year-0ld truck driver from Mexico. A canine detected an odor coming from the trailer, prompting the border patrol agents to pass the semi-truck driver on for secondary inspection.

The “36-degree Fahrenheit refrigerated trailer” was found to be hauling “two Guatemalan nationals and 16 Mexican nationals, ages 15 through 40,” the border patrol said. Each of them were processed for immigration violations. The driver of the truck will face federal smuggling charges. His name has not yet been released.




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