Tractor-Trailer Rolls Over Onto SUV On I-75

Detroit, Michigan – According to Michigan State Police the driver of an SUV was rescued after a tractor-trailer rolled over on top of the 4-wheeler. The accident occurred on I-75 in Detroit. “There is a vehicle that was actually pinned underneath the trailer,” MSP Lt. Mike Shaw said. “The driver, very fortunate, wearing their seatbelt. Again, seatbelts save lives.”

State troopers said the SUV was in the right lane and began to slow down. The semi was following behind the SUV and ran up the embankment to avoid rear-ending the SUV. The rig then rolled over on top of the SUV.

Conditions were rainy, but Shaw said the conditions did not cause this accident. “Can’t blame rain. Rain doesn’t jump behind the wheel of your car and steer it into a ditch. People are driving too fast. They’re driving too close to each other,” Shaw said.

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Firefighters were able to rescue the driver of the SUV after he was pinned inside. He is hospitalized with serious injuries. The passenger in the SUV, Charles Martin, gave an interview to and described the events of the accident. He said he is alive “by the grace of God.” He said he will not drive with the same mentality from now on. “Stay focused when you’re driving on the road. Just remember, you’re not driving for yourself. You’re driving for the other people around you,” Martin said.

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The truck driver did sustain minor injuries and authorities say they expect to file charges against the trucker. Transportation Nation Network will let you know if/when they do.

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