Traffic Flowing Slowly Again After Truckers Shut Down Ambassador Bridge

Two U.S.-Canada Border Crossings Shut Down Again Due to Protests


Detroit, MI/Windsor, ON — Traffic is reportedly moving slowly again after a group of truckers shut down the Ambassador Bridge Monday afternoon.

At approximately 1:20 p.m. on Monday, Windsor Police notified travelers that the exit from the Ambassador Bridge onto Huron Church Road in both directions was temporarily interrupted.


“Avoid the area or find an alternate route, if possible. Officers are working to restore the orderly flow of traffic in the safest manner possible,” Windsor Police Tweeted.

A short time later, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) urged travelers to reroute to the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel or Blue Water Bridge.


Social media reports from those on the scene indicate the flow of traffic was brought to a screeching halt as protesters demanded Canada end its COVID-19-related restrictions and mandates.

Some on social media reported wait times of about four hours to cross.

As of late Monday afternoon, Windsor Police reported traffic had begun moving again, but continued to advise travelers to seek alternative routes.

A similar blockade at the Coutts, AB/Sweetgrass, MT border also remains ongoing after truckers initially completely shut down traffic for a couple of days before agreeing to open up one lane in both directions. will continue to monitor these stories.

Cover Photo Courtesy: Leo Lucier/Facebook


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