TravelCenters of America Catches Fire in Indiana

Seymour, IN – The Seymour Police Department (SPD) is investigating a fire that broke out at a local truck stop during the early morning hours on Monday.

According to a Facebook post made at 5:42 a.m. on Monday, the fire occurred at the TravelCenters of America (TA) located at 2636 East Tipton Street in Seymour.


A preliminary investigation reveals the fire is believed to have started in an electrical utility room near the travel center’s kitchen.

According the authorities, the Seymour Fire Department responded to the scene and was able to contain the fire.

Damage was limited to the building’s West side.

Allen Blann posted on social media he was working at the truck stop when the fire broke out.


He commended both the police and fire departments for swift action in addressing the outbreak.

“A great big ‘thank you’ for all that you (the police department) did and the fire department. What great work you all did in containing this fire and escorting employees back into the building to get their things after was out. Much appreciated,”Blann wrote.


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He went on to say he didn’t realize how bad the fire was until he “saw the smoke in the store and how the store filled up so fast.”


Thankfully, SPD said no injuries were reported.

Officials are requesting truckers and the public to avoid the area so crews can assess the damage.


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