TravelCenters of America to Install Hydrogen Fueling Stations For Big Rigs in California

Westlake, OH – TravelCenters of America (TA-Petro) is partnering with Nikola Energy to collaborate on the installation of hydrogen fueling stations for fuel-cell electric heavy-duty trucks.

In an announcement last week, the two companies said the collaboration is a “first step for the parties to explore the mutual development of a nationwide network of hydrogen fueling stations.”


The first two stations will be constructed at existing TA-Petro locations in California and are targeted to be commercially operational by early 2023.

The locations of the first stations are expected to be in the greater Los Angeles area.

“The two hydrogen fueling stations under consideration for development by Nikola and TA-Petro will provide for an open fueling network available to any truck customer and will follow a common industry standard for heavy-duty fueling protocols, ensuring compatibility across all hydrogen fuel-cell truck manufacturers,” the companies said.


Nikola President of Energy and Commercial, Pablo Koziner, stated, “This collaboration forms an essential part in delivering the hydrogen-based ecosystem required to advance zero emission solutions for commercial trucks.”

The news of the partnership with Nikola came on the same day the truck stop giant also announced the formation of eTA, a new business unit focused on offering a broad range of alternative energy services.

“Through our new business unit eTA, we are positioning ourselves to facilitate the transportation industry’s shift toward alternative fuel offerings including hydrogen, a leading form of energy for Class 7 and 8 vehicles,” said Jon Pertchik, CEO of TA-Petro. “We are excited about this first foray into the future of heavy duty, long-haul trucks and look forward to supporting our loyal fleet customers as they increasingly adopt decarbonization strategies.”


As part of the announcement regarding the formation of eTA, the truck stop chain also unveiled a new logo (see on story cover image).

TA-Petro said the logo “reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and underscores that TA has arrived in the alternative energy space.”


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