Trooper’s Oh-So-Close Call With Merging Big Rig Has Social Media Playing the Blame Game

Athens, OH – A newly released dashcam video of an Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) trooper narrowly avoiding a merging big rig is stirring quite a bit of debate on social media.

On Thursday, OSHP released a dashcam video of a Trooper avoiding a collision with a tractor-trailer.


“This commercial driver nearly ran an Athens trooper into a guardrail,” OSHP said in its social media post. “This serves as a good reminder to always use defensive driving techniques.”

OSHP said the truck driver was cited for a marked lanes violation.

WATCH it below.

Commenters quickly began weighing in on what they saw in the video and who should get the blame.

“Semi drivers are so aggressive,” said Tina Harmon Waltmire. “They were really close to the back of that car! Thankfully they didn’t hit the trooper!”


Jessica Cremeens asserted a double standard exists for motorists while driving around tractor-trailers.

“Sadly, I see this a lot from semi drivers,” she stated. “We are told not to drive too close to them, yet they pass us and pull back over into our lane way too soon causing us to have to brake or slow down to not be too close. Speaking of them pulling back over into our lane after passing, aren’t we specifically told not to do that to them, yet it is ok for them to do it to us?”


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Pernell Shead saw this incident very differently from Waltmire and Cremeens.

“No doubt the guy in the semi was trying to get his speed up so he could merge into TRAFFIC PROPERLY and the person in the car was trying to play head games,” Shead said. “About the same logic as some idiot in a car coming to a stop in front of a fully loaded 65 mph semi when they realize their exit is coming up in 20 feet after spending the last 50 miles riding in the far left lane.”


Craig Latimore put at least a bit of the blame on the police officer.

“The Trooper kinda had to expect this, you could see this happening long before the incident occurred,” he commented.

Andy Robillard took the occasion to make a dig at all truckers.

“A friend once told me, the worst part about getting your CDL is when they remove half your brain,” Robillard quipped.

At time of publishing, the video already has more than 2,000 shares and 1,2oo comments.

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  1. I have read the paragraphs and statements concerning this particular video. Yes there is certain individual Truck Driver of which are aggressive, Word of Notice ” Certain ” .
    Not every Truck Driver has decided to be Professional Truck Drivers. I disagree that particular statement” Truck Drivers are aggressive” the letter S at the end of the Word Driver is Plural, more than one. This is the TRUTH!

    The Truck Driver is wrong in more than one area.
    That particular Truck Driver is tail Gating the car. And speeding coming off of the get on ramp to the Ohio Route/ Highway.
    This is not A Professional Truck Driver, this is a Truck Driver which is that Person, personal choice to be.
    Thank you for your time!


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