Truck Driver Accidentally Runs Over and Kills Security Guard at Distribution Center

Salisbury, NC – A truck driver will not face charges after accidentally running over and killing a security guard at a distribution center in North Carolina.

North Carolina Highway Patrol (NCHP) Trooper C.J. Doty indicated the tragic incident occurred Thursday morning at a Dillard’s distribution center located at 1315 Peach Orchard Road in Salisbury.


According to the Salisbury Post, truck driver Javon Tremaine Myers, 37, of Salisbury, was operating a Fort Worth Carrier Corporation tractor hauling dual Dillard’s trailers when 61-year-old security shack guard, Jenny Gulledge Gabriel, of Kannapolis, motioned to Myers.

Gabriel then walked to the rear trailer and began checking its seal as Myers went into the center to use the restroom.

Doty said that as Myers returned to the truck he looked underneath from the passenger’s side before proceeding to get back behind-the-wheel.

However, unaware that Gabriel was now in between the duals checking the front trailer, Myers pulled forward causing her to be struck by the second trailer.


Gabriel was pronounced deceased on the scene, Doty said.

Myers told investigators he did not see Gabriel when he looked under the rig.

Doty indicated Myers will not face any charges in connection to the accident.



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Comment (2)

  1. From my point of view the accident was totally preventable:1) You don t leave the truck blocking the gate and go to the restroom.
    2) Why was he looking UNDER the truck’s passenger side? was the guard expected to crawl under it…and do what?
    3) You only move the truck when the guard gives you the ok,AND make sure all is clear,the guard is in your visual field,SAFELY AWAY from the moving truck.
    Sadly but this trucker was negligent in his job and it cost a mom’s life.
    Fire the guy or re train him,I would fire him.

  2. The driver is 100 per cent negligent. The driver’s excuse doesn’t pass the smell test. A nuclear verdict is in the driver’s truck company’s future.


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