Truck Driver Accused Of Raping Woman At Gunpoint In Utah Rest Area

Trooper Dash Cam Video From Arrest Below…

Kaysville, Utah – Truck driver Talbert Montrell Elzie has been arrested and charged with a host of crimes related to an incident that began at a Love’s truck stop in Utah. On Aug. 8, troopers with the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) were called to a reported rape at a rest area off I-15 northbound in Kaysville, a press release sent by the Department of Public Safety said. The alleged victim claims she met Elzie at a Love’s nearby and got into his truck. After agreeing to perform oral sex for money she says Elzie drove to a rest area. Once there, she alleges he forced her to have sex with him while holding a gun to her head. According to the victim, Elzie then left her on the side of the road, before driving away.

Elzie was found and placed under arrest on August 28th. At the time of the arrest authorities found a firearm in his truck that they say is stolen. Marijuana was also found inside the rig. Here is a report from that shows trooper dash cam video of the actual arrest.


Investigators then say Mr. Elzie was provided the right “to contact family to advise them of his whereabouts” by phone. It’s in one of these conversations they say they overheard him say that he had an altercation with a fellow truck driver the night before at a truck stop and “shot him in the head.” This alarmed investigators. Elzie was confronted with these statements by investigators and he denied making them or any knowledge of such incidents. Investigators have no additional evidence to corroborate these claims.

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