Truck Driver Admits Shooting Manager But Claims It Was An Accident

Rockville, CT – A 33-year-old truck driver has been charged in a shooting that took place this week at a Connecticut business.

According to the South Windsor Police Department (SWPD), truck driver Alan Rosario, 33, of Springfield, MA, is now charged with assault with a firearm, reckless endangerment, illegal discharge of a firearm, and other crimes, in connection to a workplace shooting at Independent Truck & Tractor Repair in South Windsor on Tuesday.


SWPD investigators said Rosario engaged in a heated disagreement on the phone with his manager leading to the altercation between the two men in the parking lot at 105 Edwin Road.

According to court documents, Rosario allegedly was angry because his manager continued assigning him trucks “that do not work.”

Additionally, Rosario claimed his manager filed fraudulent claims for unemployment in his name.

SWPD has not released the identity of the manger because the two men have a “familial relationship.”

Rosario later confronted the manager and attempted to pull him from a semi-truck.


That’s when Rosario claims a handgun in his possession accidentally discharged striking the manager in his right arm and left leg.

Additionally, a co-worker who was in the passenger seat, identified as Erik J. Estevez, 33, of Waterbury, CT, was also struck.

Estevez was hit just below the eye with “debris or a possible bullet fragment,” according to SWPD investigators.


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Both victims were transported to a nearby hospital, treated and later released.

Rosario fled the scene, but was taken into police custody on Interstate 91 in Longmeadow, MA, some time later.


He claims he never intended to shoot the victims, but was attempting to scare his manager instead.

According to the Fairfield Citizen, Rosario appeared via video in a Rockville, CT, court on Thursday where he was arraigned on the charges.

His bail, which was initially set at $250,000, was lowered to $175,000.



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