Truck Driver Arrested For Threatening To Kill “M***** F****** Trump,” Oklahoma Police, Others

A truck driver is facing serious charges after allegedly saying to his wife by phone “I’m going to blow the f****** White House up. I’m going to kill the f****** president of the United f****** States.” 


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Last Friday evening a 50-year-old truck driver from Midwest City, Oklahoma, was arrested in dramatic fashion by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP). The semi truck he was driving was pulled over in the 1400 block of W. I-240 Service Road. The stop was part of an ongoing FBI investigation, officials said.

FBI agents, OHP and Oklahoma City Police K-9 bomb dogs swarmed the white tractor-trailer. Authorities swept the vehicle as startled residents looked on in wonder. Eventually the unmarked vehicles, police cars and semi drove away, with no mention of who was arrested, or for what. However, new details have emerged shedding light on the mysterious arrest.

An arrest warrant affidavit filed in Oklahoma County District Court on Friday identified 50-year-old Harold Wayne Vandenburg as the man who allegedly made a slew of murderous threats against President Trump, Oklahoma police and the FBI, among others, in a series of conversations with his wife recorded from the Oklahoma County Jail.


Anissa Vandenburg, wife of Harold Wayne Vandenburg, is currently jailed for convictions stemming from writing bad checks. According to prosecutors Mr. Vandenburg spoke with his wife by phone 18 times from October 30 to November 8. In those conversations Mr. Vandenburg allegedly said, “I’m going to blow the f****** White House up. I’m going to kill the f****** president of the United f****** States, that’s what I am going to do. I’m going to kill that God D*** Trump, he’s a sorry m***** f*****.”

His threats didn’t just end there. According to the filing Mr. Vandenburg also made threats directed at Oklahoma police. “I am going to kill every cop in the State of Oklahoma including the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” he allegedly is heard saying on the recordings. Further, Mr. Vandenburg also threatened to kill a specific Secret Service Task Force member at least nine times.

News 9 in Oklahoma City reported Vandenburg is estranged from his wife as court records reveal divorce documents were filed by Anissa in August. The case status is pending, but the jailhouse recordings paint the picture of a desperate man.”I want those m*****f****** to come and arrest me, because without you, I don’t care about f****** living anymore,” Vandenburg allegedly said about the arresting officers involved in his wife’s case.


Perhaps his most ominous threats came when he allegedly says, “I am coming to the Oklahoma County Courthouse” and I’ve got a gun, and I’ve bought me a f****** gun, and I am going hunting when I get back to Oklahoma City.”

“If anyone has the balls to come take this .45 from me they better be wearing a vest,” Vandenburg allegedly told his wife in one call. Making his threats more credible is the fact that this is not Vandenburg’s first run in with the law. He was previously convicted for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Bryan County, and for escape from a confinement in Atoka County, among other crimes.

It another twist, Mr. Vandenburg may well have been planning for his own demise. Investigators say that Mr. Vandenburg recently contacted a funeral home located in Durant, Oklahoma. According to court documents Vandenburg wanted to make pre-paid arrangements for his own death.

It should also be noted the trucking company employing Vandenburg assisted the FBI in helping facilitate the arrest.


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