“Truck Driver” Brutally Beaten by Portland Protesters is NOT Dead, Police Dispel Rumors

Portland, OR – Video of a man being brutally beaten by protesters in the downtown streets of Portland went viral on Monday and set off a chain reaction of rumors within the trucking community.

As rioting and social unrest continues in Portland, videos of a man being viciously beaten by protesters surfaced online late Sunday night.


According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), the incident occurred at approximately 10:37 p.m. on Sunday, August 16, at the intersection of Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway.

PPB said it received numerous calls reporting that protesters had chased a white Ford 4×4 pickup truck causing it to crash.

The driver of the truck, who has now been identified as Adam Haner, of Portland, was subsequently pulled from the vehicle, surrounded by a group of protesters, forced to the ground and repeatedly punched before being knocked unconscious with a sucker-kick to the face.

In its initial press release regarding the incident, PPB referred to the male victim as a “truck driver,” leading some within the trucking community to believe he was a professional trucker.


Further, anger intensified when unsubstantiated rumors began swirling on Monday afternoon into the evening that Haner had passed away from his injuries.

On Tuesday, the PPB issued a new statement updating the ongoing investigation and dispelling some of the online rumors.

“The information circulating on social media is not always accurate,” the PPB said. “Other reports around social media claim that the victim in this case is not recovering or has succumbed to the injuries. These reports are false. The victim has been released from the hospital and is recovering.”


Further, TNN has reached out to Haner’s family members for comment, but there is no information supporting the claim that he is, or has ever been, a professional trucker.

“Social media platforms make it quick to circulate information but investigators often need to make other connections not seen in videos,” the PPB advised.


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Many within the trucking community remain on high alert as they operate through cities known to be hot spots for rising violence, and this case is yet another indication of the concern surrounding this issue.


Meanwhile, the PPB has identified the prime suspect in the beating as 25-year-old Marquise Love, who also goes by “Keese.”

“Investigators made attempts to contact Love but could not locate him,” the PPB stated. “Investigators have left messages for Love to turn himself in but will continue to look for him as there is probable cause for his arrest.”

TransportationNation.com will continue to follow new developments.

Photo courtesy Brian Haner/GoFundMe



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  1. Of they don’t arrest the perpetrator, a civil war will begin. Protesting should be done peacefully at your state capital area. Never on interstates blocking commerce in violation of the Hobbs Act which FMCSA and DOT don’t enforce. Rioting, leuting and beating of any person will cause a civil war. It’s coming, so I hope these perpetrators take their punishment for their actions like real men. Law Enforcement is now having to take responsibility for their lawlessness actions. Law Enforcement is what provoked this civil war, now they want to quit and run with their tails between their legs. If the law officers were really tough, powerful and intimidating- where are they now?

  2. I had to come here to find out exactly what happened because mainstream media was reporting it as an actual truck driver. Not someone that simply drove a white pickup truck. In regards to this though, as this is happening all to often, lock the doors, seat belt your self in so they can pull you out and start running them over. Most states, killing violent protesters that are threatening your life is legally justified. Unless of course your in Oregon, New York, California and Cook county Illinois (Chicago Area). Hell, even Detroit wouldn’t prosecute you for it. These other places though, in those situations, I don’t know what you do if you’re white, other than just die I guess.


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