Truck Driver Caught On Video Beating A Woman, Arrested At A Love’s Travel Stop

Hubbard Township, Ohio – A truck driver from North Carolina was arrested on Tuesday night after police say he assaulted a woman at a Hubbard Township truck stop.

John Edvon is accused of striking a woman with a flashlight while in his company issued semi-truck. He was taken into custody at a Love’s Travel Stop. According to police, the alleged victim had videos on her phone of the 36-year-old Edvon being physically violent to her.

Police watched the videos and questioned Edvon who said he only hit her with the flashlight to try to knock a stun gun from her hand that she was trying to use to stun him with. However, the police report indicates the video showed the woman only reaching for the stun gun after she had been struck in the head with the flashlight.


Police said the alleged victim also displayed bruises, bite marks and wounds where officers believe she was shocked by the stun gun. Edvon was arrested and charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

The police report also noted officers believe the alleged victim was suffering from some forms of mental illness and paranoia based on some of the statements she made to them.



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