Truck Driver Cited After Load Smashes Into Tunnel In Boston

Boston, Mass. – A truck driver was cited this morning after the load he was hauling smashed into the top of a Boston area tunnel causing traffic delays of almost three hours for commuters.

The truck was traveling southbound on Interstate 93 Thursday morning at approximately 6:20 when the load struck the top of the O’Neil Tunnel. The truck was then wedged inside the tunnel for hours. The entire incident was caught on a traffic camera.

Massachusetts State Police said there were no injuries, but two vehicles were disabled from the debris caused from the crash impact.

Video shared courtesy of CBS Boston/YouTube.





“Too Bad, Accidents Happen” Says Trucker Who Crashed In Boston Tunnel

Transportation Nation Network has new details on this crash as the truck driver is speaking out with a message to unhappy commuters and why he says it wasn’t his fault.




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