Semi Collides With ‘Abandoned’ Pickup Truck On I-65

Johnson County, Indiana – A truck driver was transported to the hospital this morning after he collided with an abandoned pickup truck on I-65. Indiana State Police is searching for the owner of the Ford F-150 pickup truck sitting in the left lane of southbound I-65 just south of Greenwood. Police say they searched the nearby scene looking for a driver, but did not find anyone. It is unclear why the pickup truck was abandoned. Police are still investigating.

Courtesy Indiana State Police

It’s just another reminder of the perils truckers have to negotiate each and every day. If you haven’t been thanked this week for what you do, you are about to be. Thank you for your hard work in sometimes very difficult conditions. We at Transportation Nation Network appreciate you very much! Thank you for trusting in us to bring you the latest trucking news, analysis and entertainment. We do it because we admire you.


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